Ashar at Masjid Merah Panjunan


Ashar Jama’ah at Red Mosque

Alhamdulillah, we got a chance to do our Sholat Ashar in Masjid Merah Panjunan (red mosque), Cirebon. The mosque was built in 1480 by Syarif Abdurahman, is famously known for its red brick wall, and showcasing the influence of China, European, Javanese culture. Here are some pictures from the unique mosque:


The main wall lends influence from Java and China


Arabic calligraphy stating every moslem’s primary faith: There is no God than Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah

China ceramics at the red brick wall


The lamp at the mosque post is European style


Donation box and Sarong


The Red Mosque neighborhood at Panjunan


Me, Rafif and Mas Ugiek (my brother-in-law), waiting for Ashar prayer

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