Mentors and Cheap Labors

Many of us were hired by Darryl Hadaway and Greg Alberto back in the days of Arthur Andersen. Only 25 years ago (time flies), in my case. So when Greg is back in Jakarta again after his last visit in 2014, the (former) cheap labors met up in Pacific Place for a great fun dinner…

Ex Andersen Meet Up with Armand

Our old Philippines friend Armand is in town. The guy who lured me to Apple product, one of the best multimedia designer I’ve ever worked with, is back in Jakarta for short trip. Couple of ex Andersen guys meet up with him in Pacific Place for mini reunion. We had great fun, of course. Great…

Ex Andersen Reunion + Buka Puasa

As what have been customary for the past couple of years, we had ex Andersen reunion while ‘buka puasa’. This year we had it in Samudera Suki restaurant.

Final Ritual for the Year: Andersen Alumni

Finally, the final ritual of fasting break. Now it’s the turn of colleagues from Andersen alumni. Another great memories, another good laugh shared. See you next year!