Mentors and Cheap Labors

Mentors and cheap labors from Arthur Andersen Business Consulting

Many of us were hired by Darryl Hadaway and Greg Alberto back in the days of Arthur Andersen. Only 25 years ago (time flies), in my case.

So when Greg is back in Jakarta again after his last visit in 2014, the (former) cheap labors met up in Pacific Place for a great fun dinner and chat.

It’s great to see all of these chaps are climbing in their respective corporate ladders and become successful on their own rights, as Greg and Darryl aptly said in their group message:

I had such a great time! Brought back some of the greatest and most meaningful moments of my career life, how much I loved and missed working with these crazy people, cheap labor with admirable work ethics, amazing brainpower and hearts of gold. So proud to see how you’ve all made such a name for yourselves. Humbled that you let me be a part of your lives and careers. Thankful you gave me the gift of time. Forever grateful. Hope to see you in person again one day. Sampai jumpa, sehat selalu. Diberkati!

Greg Alberto, 5 Feb 2023

…. always great to see the team. I am so proud and humbled by you all. You all have become very important in Indonesia society in your own rights (the reference to it has been amazing to see you all grow and become very important parts of business)…. Love you all and so proud of each and everyone of you of what achieved- including the friendship so evident tonight.

Darryl Hadaway, 5 Feb 2023
Me and my first mentor, Greg. I learned a lot from him. I passed on his wisdoms to my own mentees to this day. Great to see you, pare!

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