Bakmi Mama: A Nice, Upscale Mie Ayam at Neighborhood

There is relatively new restaurant at my neighborhood around Jalan Tarogong, South Jakarta. Located at Hero Supermarket complex, just next to Starbucks Tarogong, the place is called “Bakmi Mama”. This morning I had breakfast there with Rafif, had previously ate there with Elok, with a conclusion: it was nice, not bad. So this morning, I…

Great Value Family Lunch at HanSuki

We had a great value lunch today at HanSuki. Located in Tebet, the all-you-can eat buffet restaurant is offering similar dishes like Hanamasa, but at almost 40% lower price. The variety of food is good, and the taste is delicious, especially its mushroom soup and beef barbeque. Thanks to Mas Ugiek who recommended this place!

Another Culinary Delight: Soto Pak Man

Alhamdulillah on 3rd day of Eid, many vintage and traditional culinary places in Semarang already open. We had Soto Ayam Pak Man, as our choice of breakfast, which beat hotel’s breakfast taste by many miles! For sure.