Great Value Family Lunch at HanSuki

We had a great value lunch today at HanSuki. Located in Tebet, the all-you-can eat buffet restaurant is offering similar dishes like Hanamasa, but at almost 40% lower price. The variety of food is good, and the taste is delicious, especially its mushroom soup and beef barbeque. Thanks to Mas Ugiek who recommended this place!

Elok helps serving her parents
Family lunch at great value place
Uki, Dik Endah and Ranie enjoying the food
Boil or grill? Your choice
Mas Ugik, Mbak Mimy and Mas Dewo
Various condiments
Elok mixing the condiments
Colorful juice
Rania choose her dessert. Nic desserts here, from jelly to fruit to rujak. Too bad no ice cream or ‘es campur’. But they serve coffee and tea
The teenagers happy with the quantity and quality of the food


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