Bakmi Mama: A Nice, Upscale Mie Ayam at Neighborhood

The Mie Ayam and Bakmi Mama from the front

There is relatively new restaurant at my neighborhood around Jalan Tarogong, South Jakarta. Located at Hero Supermarket complex, just next to Starbucks Tarogong, the place is called “Bakmi Mama”.

This morning I had breakfast there with Rafif, had previously ate there with Elok, with a conclusion: it was nice, not bad.

So this morning, I gave it another go.

Different to previous dine-in experience, this time I ordered Bakmi Ayam Mama, instead of the regular Bakmi Ayam (chicken noodle). When I asked the difference, the waitress told me that the “Bakmi Ayam Mama” has more special noodle, one with more egg ingredients.

Rafif inside the restaurant
Curious with the difference, I ordered one. So was Rafif.

Mind you, this is not a cheap Bakmi Ayam. Bakmi Ayam Mama cost us IDR43k, while the regular one cost IDR35k. And we added bakso (meat balls) which cost us additional IDR11k. In total, with drinks, the cost for one person is around IDR60-70k.

Yes, you could easily find much cheaper Mie Ayam, ones in the range of IDR 15-20k. But anyway, I guess this is how Bakmi Mama would like to position themselves, as high quality, albeit rather pricey mie ayam.

It turns out, the Mie Ayam was really good. I like noodle which a bit salty and tasty, and this is what it is. Rafif also nodded for this approval. So quickly, we finished our mie ayam.

The portion was in good serving size, not too small, not too big. They put enough chicken meat over your noodle. And the bakso (meat balls) are also nice, although I could find better meat balls elsewhere, but no complaint there.

Unfortunately the place is rather basic for the food at this price. It could’ve been set up as much more cozy place. But probably the owner just concern of making great mie ayam, and doesn’t want the guests to stay longer anyway.

The rather ‘basic’ dining place
In condimenta bar

And hey, if you want to chill in after dining, there’s Starbucks anyway next door. Which what exactly I did with Rafif after finishing our breakfast.

There’s Starbucka next door, which is a plus

In the end, it’s very nice to know there’s delicious mie ayam in our neighborhood. Part of reason I’m writing this review is to promote it, so they won’t go out of business too soon (just like the other tenants which rented this spot). As I always find the restaurant is never packed with guest (in fact, it looks short of guests from time to time).

So if you’re looking for a nice mie ayam for breakfast or lunch, and don’t mind for paying a bit extra, here is Bakmi Mama for you. Give it a try!


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