Disney Rules the Star Wars Galaxy!

This is the first time we visit Disneyland post Disney’s acquisition of Star Wars franchise. The popular Space Mountain tour is now rebranded as Star Wars-themed Hyperspace Mountain. And the good thing, it’s not only rebranding. From the start of queue line, the whole place turns into Rebel Base and Empire fleet showcase. Cool.

Sholat Jumat dan Makan Siang di Masjid Ammar Wanchai

Apabila Anda seorang muslim yang sedang berada di Hong Kong pada hari Jumat, beribadah Sholat Jumat sambil makan dimsum halal nan nikmat di Masjid Ammar patut menjadi pilihan. Masjid Ammar terletak di daerah Wanchai, di tengah pusat kota Hong Kong. Tidak terlalu sulit menemukannya. Anda tinggal naik kereta MTR, dan keluar di stasiun Wanchai. Di…

Apple Fanboy X

Call me Apple fanboy as you wish, but it feels good to get their latest phone (iPhone X) in their flagship store with a spectacular view of HK harbor 😊It’s my first time ever to visit this cool flagship store. It’s located in IFC building near Central. What is so cool with this store is…

Back to Hung Hing Toys!

This small toys store near Johnston Road at Wanchai always become my favorite destination whenever I come to Hong Kong. It has one of the most complete toys collection in town. But what attracted me since 2008 was they sell with relatively much cheaper price than in Indonesia. It’s not uncommon for Rafif to find…

Friday Prayer and Lunch at Masjid Ammar Wanchai HK

Alhamdulillah it’s Friday! And our first destination for today is to have friday prayer and lunch at Muslim canteen in Masjid Ammar, Wanchai HK. It’s always a special feeling meeting with fellow moslems abd pray in muslim-minority country. I’ll share the experience in different post later today.