Moscow Starbucks Run

Let’s call it Starbucks run. Running around Moscow city, looking for Starbucks matroyshka tumbler… with no success. Sudah diborong sama turis2 Piala Dunia sebelum ini. Menyesal juga gak dari kemarin-kemarin belinya. Inilah salah satu contoh nyata bukti kebenaran dari idiom, “lebih baik menyesal beli, daripada menyesal tidak beli” LOL.  

Moscow Metro

I made this short video of Moscow Metro rail system. I was fascinated with the old metro system, with old carriage and station design. This one was taken in 2-3 stations only. I would have liked to visit more Metro stations, but time did not allow me. Some descriptions about Moscow Metro from Wikipedia: The…

Late Night at Kremlin

It’s our last night together in Russia after 14 days. We decided to chill in at Red Square, Kremlin, savoring the moment, while watching hundreds of people do the same thing like us. Russia has been a great host. We love the country, love the people, love the tournament. Well done!

Celebrating Ubai’s Birthday

We’re celebrating Ubai’s birthday by having fine dinner at Wine & Crab restaurant, near Kremlin. This will be our last dinner together in Russia, so when Rosa, Ubai’s wife, was asked her wishes for Ubai’s birthday, she aptly said, “hope moment like this would happen more often” Amen to that. Let’s do it again for…