Last Words

> Maya shared her last words to the HR Team. Most of the team feel they won’t be able to have a team who are fun, full of passion and dedication like us now. See you around guys… On Facebook, Twitter or Blackberry 🙂 

Till We Meet Again!

> The Retail and Commercial business arranged a farewell party on the closing day of the divestment. It’s a sad and emotional moment, but I’m too busy to take care of my feeling 🙂

HR Last Day Lunch

> Last day for most of my HR colleagues working in RBS. We had lunch together in Satay House Senayan. Thanks a lot mates… It’s been fun, it’s been great.. Good luck for each one’s career!

The Outscopers

> We posed in the newly attached sign of our bank in 11th floor. We worked night and day for successful migration and to see smiling faces for our colleagues. Lemah teles, Gusti Allah sing mbales!

Overtime King

> We are on closing week for a strategic project in our bank. I and Sulis, spent long hours working at the office. No wonder our cars are the only ones left in the parking lot 🙂