Money Talks and Masters 08

Money, money, money


My passionate coverage of Master 08 ends prematurely. My satellite TV provider (Astro) was suspended due to “operation inspection” from Ministry of Information and Communication Indonesia.

This sudden action really pissed me off. Why do they do this on the weekend (when all the primetime shows are aired)? Why do they do this now? Why was there no prior explanation to the customers?

Learning from Indonesia experience in the past, the motive behind all of this may not be far off from Money. Nothing else. Maybe Astro did not pay enough “royalties” to the government? Probably. Maybe Astro’s direct competitor sponsors the ministry to do this? Possibly. Maybe the ministry would like to protect the people of Indonesia? Bah! In your wildest dream. Ok, maybe Astro does not comply to several regulations, but please, can you please do this on better timing? With proper explanation. This way, the customers are the ones who suffer most.

Sorry for the “passionate” whining. I was too mad to realize I can’t watch the live telecast of Masters last night.

Oh, by the way, Tiger is 7 shots back. Trevor Immelman shots another 68 that made him on the top of leaderboard. Phil Mickelson will be one of the worthy contender this time around, with 68 of his own made him only three shots back. Tiger will need miraculous charge to get his Grand Slam bid stay intact.

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