FIFA 11 vs PES 2011: Here We Go Again


FIFA 11 vs PES 2011: Which One is the Best?

Ha! Another year, another release of footy games on console. And I’m back to ponder (along with millions other football games fan): which one is the best?

Unfortunately, this year it is difficult to tell. Tough call, at least.

Last year, FIFA 10 may won many PES devotees with its excellent player model. Not in graphical wise (PES won on this department), but on how the player interact, fight for the ball, and collide on the pitch. Also the revolutionary 360 degree movement, which PES only made it on marketing terms.

This year, the PES creator, Seabass Takatsuka, seemed to nail some significant improvements. Player models look more realistic, and 360 degree finally really appear on the pitch. The overall game presentation has been stepped up one notch.

However FIFA did not stand still. The FIFA 11 perfected what went well in FIFA 10, and some. The player appearance has been improved,  and some gameplay flaws (e.g. goalkeeper was prone to ‘chip shot’) have been rectified. They added some additional game features as well, which for me is a bit gimmicky, like “Be a Goalkeeper” feature (when I was a kid, I would prefer to stay upfront scoring goals, why now I have to stand between the posts?)

I only got time to play PES 2011 for 1 day now, so there are more to come in this review.  But for now, for me, comparing FIFA 11 with PES 2011 is like comparing car simulator Gran Turismo with GRID. Both are fun and provide realistic car simulation gameplay, however GRID was packaged in more “arcadey” approach. It is not necessarily worse, but depending on your preference (or, occassion), one game may suit you best than the other.

FIFA 11 provides the most realistic football simulation in any game console. It also comes with most complete package, from smooth online experience to full-featured clubs and players licensing.  But PES 2011 is really hard to beat when you’re playing on the couch with your friends. It is such a fun game and often bring you those “extra ordinary” football moments which are hard to believe. But sometimes, the fiction is better than reality. And this also holds true with PES 2011.

Stay tuned for more comprehensive reviews. But feel free to leave your reactions.

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