Gadget Freak: Runs in the Family

Through last weekend contemplation, I thought I knew where my “Gadget Freak” came from.  Recollecting my memory, I think my late father can be ‘blamed’ for my addiction to gadgets!

I just realized how my father had always been an “early adopter” of new technology.  He was one of the first owners of Sony Betamax video player in town, he bought my brother the first Walkman introduced by Sony, and it was my first time to see a Compact Disc player looking at his. Geez, I should have known this! 🙂

It was fun to remember those gadgets and stuffs he owned, many of them I did not realize that it was so cool to have that time (maybe my daughter will remember the coolness of my iPad later in the future).  Through memory recollection and internet browsing of those gadgets collections, here are some of them which directly or indirectly, have inspired and influenced me!

Sony Walkman. Long before the iPods, this was the coolest gadget back then. My father bought my brother a red colored walkman which allowed us to hear music wherever we were through earphone. The first of its kind! I still remember it had this external microphone function, which with 1 button slide, allowed you to hear the voice from outside. Cool! I don’t know why the next iterations of Walkman did not have this feature anymore.


Sony Portable AM/FM Radio ICF 7600A. My father used to love this radio so much. When he was travelling for business, he always carried this radio with him. He always turned it on when he was about to sleep. He even told my mother “not to make a mess with it” when she told him to replace with the newer one, citing the radio had been his “best friend” for years. A simple but nicely portable radio with 3 bands (FM, MW and SW – old technologies!), this proved to be a keeper. Maybe as important as iPod Touch to mine nowadays 🙂

Pentax Program Plus. One of many cameras my father used to have (yeah, I got the photography hobby also from him!). The Pentax Program Plus was revolutionary back then (in my lack of knowledge, at least) with two features: (1) the program mode allowed you to leave the aperture and shutter thinking to the computer (2) the self-timer was then digital (with its blinking LED light- the first!), departing from the analog-roller type of self-timer switch. 

Pentax Program Plus, came with cool self timer switch

Sony Betamax Video Player/Recorder SL C7. The beast of consumer electronics device. Revolutionized the home video scene in early 80s. The Betamax format dominated the industry before VHS swept away in late 80s. But during its hey-day, you could find it in almost every home. Came with the video recording ability, it helped us to tape the late night show of CHiPS TV series, so we could watch it after school. 🙂

Sony Betamax SL C7, revolutionized the home video industry

Casio Digital Diary SF 8000. Probably one last gadget my father bought before he passed away. He only used this for a very short time. When he passed away, I found this Casio in his bedroom, and brought it to Semarang with me. It was my first PDA, I used it a lot to keep contacts, appointments and memos when I was in college. It was short lived though, it fell from my jacket while I was riding a bike and lost some of its memory. But I guess the memory of my father and all of his cool gadgets lived on with me and shaped me the way I am now. So please don’t blame me if I have soft spot on gadgets! It runs in family! 🙂



*in memory of my beloved father, Kresnadi Koesoemo, Bc.P. May He rest in peace.*

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  1. wow, nice writing brother! but why sony handycam is not in the list? and how about one superb daddy’s toy: a motorola handy talkie that able to make a phone call! i wont forget driving along the road while making a call ‘mobily’, a common thing for now but a leap technology that era 🙂

    i miss you pap..

  2. ibenimages says:

    I remember that one! Handycam Video 8! But which type? Could not remember! Hahaha.. I guess it was “yours” more than mine 🙂 and the Motorola.. Was it Daddy’s or was it PT Badak’s ya? Hehehe.. But yes, that was cool, and must be expensive that time!

  3. Chita says:

    Hwoaaa thank God i don’t have enough money to be crazy to gadget 😀
    But i am on progress to decide which DSLR i want to buy *siiiighhhhh*
    I does run in our blood!!

  4. ibenimages says:

    Hahaha dek… Dont forget.. Nikon over Canon! It runs in family as well!! 🙂

  5. Chita says:

    Noted! 😀

  6. Monica says:

    Nice writing bro.. I teared up remembering papa’s love of gadgets. Not only gadgets, too, but other cool stuffs like fishing lures shaped like real fish, fishing tool box that I believed he purchased overseas (expensive, for sure!) and don’t forget, golf clubs. All of those (gadgets, golf clubs & the love of photography) you inherited from him. As for his radio, I had fond memories of it, and I used to call it ‘radio bosok’ cause it was so outdated!! Oh yeah, and don’t forget how he bought you that black & white video game of tennis while we were living in Porta, then progressed to Atari, then to our first personal computer when it was still a luxury to most families. Yes, I think you’re right Bro, you really got the gene and the DNA to be a gadget freak. I miss you so much Papa…I wish I could hug you once again :(((

  7. ibenimages says:

    Yeah.. He got those cool stuffs! He subscribed Popular Photography, Popular Mechanics and National Geographica! Yes he bought us those lame but “cool back then” video game! Gosh, he must have spent millions for these hehehe… Nggak nyadar… He must have been smiling from above looking at me now… 🙂

  8. Andy says:

    Hey ibenimages, are u seroius… If this is so, it would be very nice of him to do so much work…. 😛

  9. ibenimages says:

    Andy, thanks for the comment. Yes my father was very nice, but i did not realize that much before 🙂

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