The End of Paper Magazines?


Car & Driver Magazine on my iPad

I opened my email this afternoon and got an email from Zinio, my favourite e-magazine publisher ( They offered one-year subscriptions of many great magazines for less than USD10! This includes many favourite titles such as Esquire, National Geographics, Outdoor Photography, Car & Driver, Road & Track and many more. Simply there are something to everyone.

But that’s not the main point (although yes, what kind of magazines they offer does matter). My point here is that price you pay is for 1 year, 12 issues. This cost you merely IDR 90,000 for whole year, or less than IDR 8,000 per issue to get these on your iPad (or Galaxy Tab, if you’re a Droid) . For comparison, if you buy these magazines at Times or Periplus bookstore, you only get 1 frikkin issue!

So clearly, this is revolutionary. My experience told me that this e-magazines at least give these benefits for the users:

1. Access to your favourite titles from fingertips (oh what a cliché). You can find most of your favorite magazines by just browsing through zinio websites (or Zinio app). For some featured magazines you can preview it for free for several pages.

2. No more losing an issue. This helps me a LOT. I am usually struggling finding the back issues of my imported magazines. Now, with all of them store electronically on my iPad, the only risk I lose them is when I lose my iPad. Or not. I sync my iPad every so often, so theoretically they are stored safely on my desktop.

3. You can read it in the dark. Oh this may help your before-bed battles with your spouse. You don’t need to turn on the light to read the magazines. So your spouse can sleep nicely and you can continue read your National Geographics.

4. You can save a lot of bucks. Oh, have I said it before?

5. You can help the Earth to be greener. And I have not mentioned this benefits for humanity. Reading on your iPads, Android Tablets or Computer will help to reduce paper consumptions. This means less trees to cut, and our planet can be greener.

So faster, better, cheaper, and greener. What else are you waiting for? This maybe the time for you to ditch that old paper magazines and embrace the new era. The future is here, right now.

PS: For Indonesian magazines, there are “Scoop” and “Gramedia magazine” apps for you to download. It features Tempo, Femina, FHM, Autocar, Swa, and many more local magazines. Many of them offered for free. Unfortunately there has not been spectacular subscription offers by our local magazine publishers. Probably the business case is not there, yet.

2 thoughts on “The End of Paper Magazines?

  1. Sudah ada sih Tan sekarang, kalau mau 12-13 juta ajah… Hhehe tunggu aja harga normalnya 2-3 bulan lagi 🙂

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