Should I Get an iPad 2?

iPad 2 and Smart Covers
iPad 2 and Smart Covers

With iPad 2 already launched in US and will be released in Asian countries within these few weeks, you’re probably wondering whether you should get yourself an iPad 2. Or if you already have the original iPad (from now on referred as iPad 1 for ease reference), you may think for an upgrade.

Here is a bit of guidance whether you should get the latest hot products from Cupertino folks:

You should get iPad 2 if:

1. You don’t have iPad before, and can’t wait to join the bandwagon, whatever it takes.

2. You have iPad 1, but you’re collecting all Apple products and you like to be ‘early adopters’ (so you will buy it anyway even at outrageous price. IDR 12-14million, or 40%-45% more than normal price at the time of this writing).

3. You either have or don’t have iPad 1 and have concerns of the following features of iPad 1:

  • iPad 1 is too heavy for you (iPad 2 is 15% lighter)
  • iPad 1 is too bulky for your taste (iPad 2 is 33% thinner)
  • iPad 1 don’t have camera (iPad 2 has two, front and back)
  • iPad 1 performance is too slow (I like to know what you use iPad for if this is the case. But anyway, yes, iPad 2 houses faster processor than iPad1)

4. You just can’t resist the lure of “Smart Cover” and its choice of colours!

5. Your favorite color is white, and your gadgets have to be in white.

6. You want to envy your colleagues by picking up the hottest gadget in town.

If you can’t find yourself on the above criteria, and if you don’t have iPad yet, I would strongly encourage you to pick iPad 1 now, as the price in the market (especially the second hand) has came down quite significantly, and iPad 1 is not much different to iPad 2 for average users, so it becomes a good value to buy.

But if you’re adamant to get yourself the newest iPad, I would recommend you to wait for 2-3 months, as by that time the price will be more or less “normal”.

In the end, I leave it up to you depending on your preferences and budget. But whatever you do, you can’t do wrong buying this revolutionary device.

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  1. Chita says:

    Dijual gak mas iPad 1nya hahahahaha.. jadi pengen beli ipad 1 wkwkwkwk

  2. ibenimages says:

    Hahaha enggaaaakk…. Aku sendiri nggak ngerasa terlalu butuh iPad 2 kecuali from my ” gadget freak” side of me. So maybe later.. Kecuali Aya tau2 minta iPad ku kulungsurkan padanya.. 🙂

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