Detour with Google Map


Time to leave Edinburgh and drive south bound back to Hazel Grove (Manchester) to return our rented car and spend another night in Dono’s house, before we continue our journey to France the next day.

Thanks to Google Map with its navigation app in our iPhone, we won’t get lost on the road. It also helped us when we chose to detour our route and left the boring motorway to look at more interesting sites or towns. Just like today, when we decided to take coastal route, and found one small sea side town call “Dunbar”. It’s actually very beautiful and the town remind us to the scene set in Enid Blyton’s book. It also has a British Open qualifying golf course (or links as they say). We spent an hour there for sightseeing and photo taking. What a discovery!




After Dunbar, we continued our journey to Newcastle, specifically to St. James Park, home of Newcastle United, other team that I support. This is really the advantage of having our own itenary and have a car for our own to drive, we can easilly change our route and visit any places we would like to visit (time and budget permitting of course!!). With the help of Google Map, travelling is much more easier these days!


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  1. Cool bro! Kemarin sempat ngurus sim internasional kah sblm berangkat? Or just driving with your ID license? hehehehe..

  2. ibenimages says:

    Kaga.. dikasih tahu temen sini pake SIM Indonesia aja bisa… very easy 🙂

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