Pandawa Beach, Another Addition to Ever Growing List of Beach in Bali


Bali is famous for its beaches. In 70s basically we only know 3 beaches in Bali: Sanur for sunrise, Kuta for sunset, and Nusa Dua for the “haves”. With ever growing popularity of Bali as tourists destination, the demand for tourist attraction made local authorities and entrepreneurs looked for new places. Then we heard new places such as Benoa beach, famous for water sports, or Dreamland beach which was labeled as “Bali’s secret beach”. It was a beautiful beach only to be ‘destroyed’ with over commercialism without care for esthetics nor culture. Such a pity.

Today we visited Pandawa Beach, one of the latest addition of “new beach” in Bali. Located in Kutuh, south of Bali, it still has the charm of natural beach, with white sandy beach and blue ocean. It is still relatively quiet and less popular than the other beaches, but with its beautiful scenery and good access, I doubt it will stay like that for long. Hope the local authorities learned their lessons from the calamity in Dreamland, and make this beach stay beautiful as it is now. Meanwhile, please enjoy the pictures 🙂






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