A Trip to Paddy Field

The Famous Stacked Paddy Field

Bali is not only famous of its beaches. If you go northbound to the area like Ubud, you will find lush green scenery of paddy field along the way. It is also famous of it’s “terasering” or stacked paddy field, make use the elevated contour of its area.

My mother in law, an avid photographer, has been asking us to visit this area, hoping to take pictures of the beautiful country side of Bali. So here we go, after finding the place from internet, we went to Kafe Teras Padi, in Tegallalang, Ubud, which is known for its scenery overseeing the paddy field.

Kafe Teras Padi Ubud and its surrounding scenery

Arrived in this area, we realized that not only we can see the scenery from afar,but actually we can go inside the paddy field to observe it from close distance. It was actually first experience for me. If only not because my mother in law insisted for it, I would have not gone there.

But it was actually a very interesting experience. We went hiking onto the top of the hill, taking pictures along the way. The steps were actually pretty steep and narrow. Rarely it was flat. You should wear at least sport shoes to be able to walk along this track comfortably.

The steep track along the way

If you keep on walking, in maximum of 10 minutes you will arrive at the top of the hill where you can take picture like I put on top of this post. There will be a guy who is tending the paddy field. Presumably, he is he owner, or the representative. The guy was very helpful, and will share you some tips for taking pictures, or connect you with the locals. And hey, he sell fresh coconut water as well! I gave him good tips for his hospitality.

Fresh coconut water to recharge your energy
Granny and Rafif share the coconut water

In the end, it was a really good day. I managed to take beautiful pictures, and had a good exercise walking along the undulating paddy field. Another good activity found in Bali.

Walk along the beautiful paddy field

My mother in law can't stop taking pictures
Rafif is happy with the trekking

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