Napak Tilas Main Event: Sharing and Leaving a Legacy

Solichin's Children and Grandchildren in front of Bapqk's house in Nglawak

This is the main event of our “Napak Tilas” trip: visiting my father-in-law’s village in Desa Nglawak, Kertosono, East Java, and meet the entire big family in family luncheon and dinner.

Bapak sharing his values and lessons in life
Enjoying traditional luncheon

In these two events, my father shared about his values and learnings of life, one which have elevated him from very modest village boy to high-ranked government official, Indonesian’s traditional puppetry figure and a father, successfully raised his 3 children. He is indeed leaving a great legacy. We’re proud of you, Bapak.

Bapak with his brother, sisters and best friends
Aya participated in the event, asking her grandparents a question
Bapak addressed the audience on his plan to write a book, leaving another legacy
The city kids found this goat feeding activity as entertainment 🙂
Bapak told the story of his childhood in his foster parent house in Ngepal
Bapak leaving his foster parent's house in Ngepal, which concluded our Napak Tilas trip

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