A Day in Osaka: Osaka Castle and Dotonburi

We spent our day in Osaka yesterday to visit two most popular tourist attractions: Osaka Castle and Dotonburi area.

In the morning we went to Osaka Castle, a great castle built in 1600 which architecture show how the Japanese castle was built during that era. It was surrounded with moat and big barriers to prevent intruders. There is an observatory at 8th floor which was used by the emperor to watch the surroundings.


There is actually a museum inside the castle, unfortunately no photos were allowed to be taken. A lot of interesting Japanese history artifacts inside, such as Shogun war armor, samurai and great diorama displaying Osaka war scene. We may look at the museum while climbing up to the observatory in 8th floor.


In the evening, we strolled around Dotonburi and Shinsibaishi area, to look at the most famous urban area in Osaka. It was Saturday night, hence the place was very crowded. People were concentrated mostly in the canal and bridge of Dotonburi where they can take pictures with the famous Glico Running Man sign. Including our family 🙂




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