Historical City of Kyoto

Kyoto is only half an hour from Osaka, but it has different personality. It’s an ancient city with lots of historical background. It was the old capital city of Japan before Tokyo, established in 794, a good 1200 years ago. As result, the city has many palaces, shrines and temples, which are not only historical, but also beautiful.

To reach Kyoto from Osaka, we only need to take less than 30 minutes JR Rail train. Arrived in Kyoto, we were recommended by Tourist Information to buy One-Day-Pass for city buss. Which were great suggestion, as travelling in Kyoto relies much more on bus than train. We were also recommended to visit Kiyomizu-Dera temple and Gion district, aside of the must-visit Kinkaku-ji temple with its famous “Golden Pavillion”.


Yes, Kinkaku-ji was great. And the scenery of “Golden Pavillion” was definitely a bliss. But we found the Kiyamizu-Dera complex was much more engaging and attractive. Probably because of the traditional shopping arcades that we found along the way to temple on top of the hill. It has different vibe we didn’t find in any other places in Japan. Seeing many ladies in Kimono going to temple to pray are fine sight to behold.




We spent a good hour in both Kinkaku-ji and Kiyomizu-Dera. In between of those visits, we stopped by Gion for lunch, a busy district full of restaurants for tourist. Too bad, we couldn’t take them as they don’t provide ‘halal’ food, so we opted for another ready-to-serve foods from Lawson convenient store. Safer and much cheaper! 🙂

By 5.30 in the evening, we’re already riding our Shinkansen back to Tokyo. Thank you Osaka and Kyoto for having us!




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