Tsukiji Fish Market

I and Elok left the hotel a bit early this morning to take a look at Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. If you look at Trip Advisor site, Tsukuji is well placed as number 1 tourist attraction in Tokyo. Japanese is known as biggest fish consumer, and this Tsukiji market is the biggest fist market in Japan, and probably one of the biggest in the world.



For tourists though, Tsukiji is famous for those who want to see how the fish market operates in Japan, and those who want to enjoy fresh sushi, sashimi and other Japanese exotic sea foods.

That’s why we came early this morning, as we read from the websites that the best time to enjoy these foods are in early morning. We arrived at Tsukiji at about 8am, and had a good look at various food stalls and sellers of exotic foods. It’s too bad the famous ‘tuna bid’ market was still closed for the tourists in December to January. But we came back happily from Tsukiji, as we just had one of the greak breakfast there, with one of the freshest salmon and tuna sashimi dishes we ever tasted. A time well spent 🙂







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