Paying Respect to Pak Harsono

Paying respect to Pak Harsono, my former staff who is very loyal, trusted, diligent, and helpful. Can’t say enough of good thing about him. He never asked for pay rises, never complained about his job, and happily doing this for more than 15 years (while commuting to Cilacap every weekend, by bus!)

Today is his last day working in RBS. We came out of our respect and care to him. It’s the end of an era really. Thank you Pak Harsono for everything you’ve done and the inspiration you gave us. I feel really humbled working with you. It’s such an honor.

And for my team who have worked with him, remember my mantra: “Pak Harsono nggak pernah salah!”. Indeed ☺️ – with Dika, Rina 🌺, Widy, Maya, and Sulistyo

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