Copa Kresnadi Year End 2015 Edition

The Alea Stadium – host of today’s Copa Kresnadi

Copa Kresnadi is back! This time, in the end of year 2015, we played the latest installment of Pro Evolution Soccer/Winning Eleven, the brilliant PES 2016. Playing in Konami Cup mode, each of us as usual played 2 teams, in knock-out competition format.

Playing intensely, it does get in your nerve 🙂
Although it’s also fun with all the laughters!

Despite successfully brought my two teams, Manchester United and Real Madrid to semi final, in the end I came empty handed, as both my teams were beaten in semi final from Mas Oyi’s AC Milan and Bona’s Barcelona, which eventually became a champion. Well, you can’t win all the time, can you? As usual, I had a blast playing this competition with my brothers! As if we never grew old.. haha!

The controller
The serious face of the champion
Even Maryam came to support her father 🙂
The battlefield
Bona jumped in joy, after beating Mas Oyi’s AC Milan on penalties
The Trophy Presentation ceremony. Congrats Bona!

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  1. Lumayan lah tim tarkam bisa masuk final dan menahan tim mahal barca yg sangat atraktif di 2×45 menit plus perpanjangan waktu. Juara Copa Kresnadi kali ini pun harus ditentukan lewat adu tendangan penalti, yang -sayangnya, kami tidak melatih pemain kami untuk hal ini, jadi pemain2 saya tidak begitu siap. Congrats untuk Bonavian, pelatih Barca.

    1. ibenimages says:

      I’ll be back on next Copa.. scheduled in February Insya Allah… hehehehe

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