A Morning in GBK to Support Act Against Women and Children Violence


Family Picture of the Event

Aya and Rafif joined their school mates to support the act against Women and Children Violence in Gelora Bung Karno Senayan.

Aya performed “Nandak Ganjen” dance,  the dance we supposed to watch when she performed in Taiwan, but because of my illness, we weren’t able to do. Now I can finally watch it. Such an amazing performance! She looks so beautiful and natural.


Aya and Her Friends before the Performance


My beautiful daughter performed flawlessly

While Rafif joined his class mates in Human Rights study to support the event with Minister of Women Affairs. A rare weekend morning, but nevertheless a rewarding and happy one!


Rafif and his-unmistakenly-poster 🙂


Rafif joined the class mates marching on surrounding GBK


The Fun Walk banner and the crowd


Elok took a stroll along the stadium


Took moment to snap a selfie with the majestic stadium!


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