Maya’s Fabulous Fifty Birthday Party

Me and the Birthday ‘Girl’

One of my best friend, my ex-boss, Maya turned 50s last week. From few months before, talks had starter around how to celebrate her birthday and marked this milestone. Until Mbak Eli, Maya’s PA, seemingly got the order from the birthday girl to arrange a big party with friends and families.

HR ABN AMRO/RBS Dinner Table
So there it goes. We had the party at Hotel Dharmawangsa. With dress code theme of “Bling Bling of 80s”, Maya’s close friends and families gathered at Hotel Dharmawangsa with interesting choiceS of attire, from glamour to disco folks, from formal dress to rock star (well, it’s my choice)

Prayer before blowing birthday candle

I was asked to be the MC of the event. Despite had not done this ‘job’ for more than 10 years, but I guess it turned out fine. The guest were happy, and entertained, particularly with the disco session, brought back the fun and memories from our hey day back in the 80s. Kool and the Gang and ABBA songs blasted from speakers, while good friends reunited, laughed and danced like they never missed a beat. A great time, indeed.

Here are the rest of the pictures:

The HR ABN AMRO folks came in colorful attires
Me and the Ladies of the Event in front of the stage
The Disco Floor
Happy faces at the dance floor
Me and my MC partner, Sanny
Still mesmerized after party!
I do look like 80s rock star, don’t I? Jon Bon Jovi anyone? LOL
Sorry guys! The focus was in me! 🙂

Well, the HR ABN AMRO/RBS Team is known for our habbit to take extra ordinary group photos. Here is one of them to add into the collection.
And the final one. Axl Rose and Slash, Javanese version. Haha!

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