Visiting Gaikindo Motor Show 2016

Posing at front of the gate

It’s that time of the year again, where we collectively contribute to Jakarta’s traffic by buying new cars from the annual car show event. Well, I don’t plan for buying one this year though, although I have to admit a new model and an innovative financing method persuade me a bit to reconsider that. We’ll see. 

This year this takes place at ICE BSD. A huge but well representative exhibition place
Valentino Rossi famous bike
News reported each Leicester City FC player got this from the owner as present from their achievement in winning the Premier League last season. Wow!
You have to bring your e-money card, or end up buying one if you want to buy food at the exhibition. No cash allowed!
The organizer set up a huge parking place outside the ICE. Good call.
Ok, which one? 😉

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