Meet the Cartoonist

An enlightening day for Rafif, meeting Mr. Iwan Nazif

Took a day leave today to accompany Rafif meeting Iwan Nazif, a well-known cartoonist, as his expert source for his school’s personal project. Rafif plan to create a modern adaptation of Wayang into modern, futuristic take comic strips.

It was a fascinating day for him, I can see how Rafif was really engaged in the discussion with Mr. Iwan and he can see in person how a drawing talent can be a good source of living these days. But please remember Mr. Iwan No 1 tip to be successful comic maker/artist: discipline!

There you go son. Go reach your dreams.

Seeing in person how “Prahara” comic strip (featured every day in Kompas) was made
Rafif’s early character design of Arjuna


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