US Election Day 2016: My Prediction was Correct!

My tweets back in July 2016
I tweeted this back in July 2016. I noticed from my social media universe, everybody was supporting and will be voting for Hillary. From sports legend to rock superstar. From well known journalist to human rights activist. It’s all too similar to the scene during Brexit election. And we know what happened. 

And today, unfortunately I should say, my prediction is correct. Trump is likely to win the US Election 2016.  It’s all seems surprising for some. But not for me. As matter of fact, those who voted for Trump are not visible in our social media. They are lay men, farmers, country side people who (arguably) less well educated and informed than those we found in social media. But they hold the same right to vote. And their vote is equally counted as those famous people. And this is what they said. What they voted. They wanted change in US. That’s why you find the result is surprising. Well I was surprised at Brexit, but not anymore now. 

We’ll see what happens. 
For me personally though, I’m not confident Trump will do most of what he promised during election. Those great wall and Islamic-phobia stuffs. Aside that I think he will be more sensible given pressure from international community and business stakeholders, we know from his track record, he is not a kind of man we can hold to his words, isn’t he? So chill 🙂

Meanwhile, congrats Trump. You have won the biggest marketing campaign in political history. 

And congrats America. You show the world who you’re REALLY are. 

It explains everything: Trump’s voters are old generation

How electoral votes look like if voters were only future generations

Greatest marketing tagline in political history?

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