Enchanting Prague

The view of the Old Town and Manesuv Bridge from St. Charles Bridge
“If European cities were a necklace, Prague would be a diamond among the pearls” – Anonymous 

The quote above really reflect my view of this city. Having travelled to many European cities, Prague does give me a different feeling. From the moment I stepped out from my apartment in Old Town Prague on the first morning, I was enchanted. The rows of old houses, the winding cobblestone streets, and the majestic castles sitting pretty on top of the hills. It’s just like painting. You don’t need to be a good photographer to find a good angle and spot to shoot. It’s all automatic, as it is so photogenic. Let me share you some of my takes. Too bad I have so limited time exploring the city. I could’ve been here for days and keep shooting. Maybe next time, Prague. 

The Majestic Prague Castle at the top of the hill.
Charles Bridge, early in the morning.

The winding cobblestone of Old Town Prague
Details of old town heritage are greatly preserved here
View of Charles’ Bridge and Old Town from the tower
The giant Christmas Tree in center or Old Town square
Tower and the Charles’ Bridge or what people here call as Karluv Most
Statue of Antonin Dvorak, in front of Czech Philharmonic Building
Tram and Castle, one of Prague’s identity
The street is lit with christmas lights
A cruise passing down the Vltava River

Old Town Prague by Vltava River
Watching Change of Guards at Prague Castle Palace

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