Comic Museum at Brussels

On our way to Amsterdam, we planned for short stop in Brussels, Belgium. Initially planned to visit Herge Museum, we found out that the museum was closed every Monday! So we diverted our destination to Comic Museum in Brussels. 

It turned out to be a good decision, as the museum is really nice! It has lots of interesting information on comic history, genres and the process how a comic was made. Rafif, particularly, was really fascinated with the museum. Never before I saw him gave attention to every exhibits in museum. Well, comics and art of drawing are one of his interest and talents. 

For me, a big Tintin fans, the museum has a dedicated Herge and Tintin section, which is really nice. It provides information on Tintin’s history, display some real-life stuffs from Tintin stories, and great exhibits. It almost compensated me for not being able to visit Herge Museum. 

In the end, a very well spent stop indeed in Brussels, Belgium. Happy!

Rafif in front of one of my favourite Tintin exhibit, displaying which characters appear in which Tintin story
Herge Special Section

Learning how the comic was made
Peyo, another Belgian famous comic maker (known for his Smurf creation) also has special section for him here
The boy was really interested to see all exhibits
Sir Iben Francis Haddock 🙂
In front of Lucky Luke and Jolly Jumper statue. A famous comic character from Goscinny

The broken steps in Marlinspike Hall/Moulinsart… nice small detail of the museum! Only fans will appreciate 🙂

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