My Golf Game Review 2016

Some of my golf pairings in 2016

Time for my Annual Golf Game Review for year 2016! Aimed to play more rounds, in attempt to play better quality golf in 2016, I think I somehow made it (albeit, barely).

Well, as a start, I played more golf rounds than last year. Yes, I couldn’t achieve my target for playing 40 rounds (I had 36), but at least Allah blessed me with excellent health this year (Alhamdulillah), so I enjoyed uninterrupted year of golf in 2016.

Not only that, I can say that last year in 2016 was one of my best year in golf. Here are the reasons:

1. Lower average score 

My golf scores breakdown

My average golf score last year was 85.9;  improved from last year average score of 86.9, and actually was my best average score ever. The graph above shows that even my double bogie or worse was more than in 2015, but I have more Pars and Birdies this year.

So my handicap is theoretically down, although not much. I use 2 scoring apps at the moment: GolfShot and Game Golf. At the end of 2016, my Handicap is 10.8 (GolfShot) and 12.8 (Game Golf). The difference is because I have more historical data on GolfShot than Game Golf. Looking at the apps calculation, I’m currently at 12 Handicap, probably about 1 lower than last year. Good, but not good enough. May I ever be a Single Handicap player? If I can play more often, yes probably! 🙂

In term of my other stats, it was actually a bit stagnant. The only improved stats were my GIR (Green in Regulations) which I improved to 29%. My fairway accuracy was worse (down to 65% from 69%), and my putting was basically same as in 2015.

My putting stats
My fairway hit stats
My GIR stats


2. Break 80s again. 

This is actually one of my golf resolution in 2016. And thankfully I did.

The last time I broke 80 was when I scored 78 at Halim I course, in 2013 (yes, long time ago!). This year, actually I had 3. But 2 of them were when I played at Senayan Golf Course, which is Par 69 course, so that’s actually a low 80s in Par 72 course.

Broke 80s in Kemayoran

One time which I played really well and broke 80 was when I played in Kemayoran on August 2016. I posted 77, my best score ever.
Unfortunately I did not have another 70s round in the remaining of the year. But by the way I’m playing right now, a bit here and there, I believe there will be another on in 2017 (Amen!)

3. I won both Office Tournaments 

Won the HSBC-BER Golf Tournament

My office every year holds 2 golf tournament in a year. Since we’re in the process of integrating with our big brother, HSBC Indonesia, one of the golf tournament had participation of golfer from both banks.

So it was quite a proud achievement for me to won both tournament this year.

The first one, playing with only Bank Ekonomi golfers, I won the Best Nett I at Palm Hill Golf Course, Sentul. It was a good round, but if you ask me, the second one, the HSBC Staff Tournament at Rainbow Hills was probably my best win.

This was because the pressure I had for the tournament. Not enough to be labelled by my CEO as “the biggest hope for Bank Ekonomi” to win the tournament, there was added pressure for me to be paired with HSBC CEO, Mr. Sumit Dutta, who himself, is also a good golfer. And my so-called “reputation” doesn’t help, as it set his expectation to see me playing well.

Luckily I did. And I won the Best Nett I  by playing one of my best golf round in the year.

4. I held the bragging rights with my buddies!

Haha, this one is not really a sign of progress in my golf game, but anyway it’s an achievement!

My Vidatra Golfers buddies – these guys are good!

I have few close golf buddies group.
The first one, the most competitive in term of playing standard, was 2 guys from my high school golf buddies (Vidatra Golf). As we started playing since we were in high school in Bontang, we were quite accomplished golfers. So playing with these guys, I have to bring my A-game. Otherwise, I might come last and hold the notorious “Ketua Yayasan” title.

And glad I say, I didn’t hold that title this year. In fact, it’s been almost 2 years since I held those title. Haha.

The other one is a recently ‘Ryder Cup format’ team competition with my friends from Gemblung Golfers.

Gemblung Golfers Ryder Cup: Team RI vs Team AA

One team with Richard against Agung and Anung, from 3 rounds we had this year, the score was 2-1-0. We won 2 matches and halved the other one. The last one we had actually was in the new year of 2017, but anyway as it happened before I wrote this, I considered that as my glory from last year.
Bragging rights intact!

5. No new equipments!

Surprise, surprise… I didn’t buy new golf clubs in 2016! No new driver, no new putter! The only thing I changed was my driver shaft, as I was looking for more consistent and farther tee shots.

Gadget wise,  I also upgraded my Game Golf device to Game Golf Live, as I broke my old Game Golf. That’s it.

So, I improved my golf game in 2016 and had my best year without new clubs? Does it tell me something? Focus on swing, not shopping? Haha.

That’s all folks for my golf game review in 2016. Hopefully I can write something like this a year from now with much improved stats, more rounds of golf, more rounds in 70s, and I stay healthy throughout the year! Insya Allah aamiin.


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