Europa League Champions!!

Finally a difficult season for Manchester United has ended in glory. The Red Devils beat Ajax Amsterdam 2-0 in Europa League Final at Stockholm. With this win:

  • Manchester United complete their final European jigzaw puzzle by winning the only trophy they haven’t won: Europa League
  • Mourinho wins 3 silverwares for his first season in United: Community Shield, League Cup, and European League πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† (what a serial winner!)
  • Manchester United will be playing straight to Group Stage on Champions League next season. England will have 5 teams, with Chelsea, Spurs, City and United play straight to Group Stage, while Liverpool, who finished 4th in the league,  is the only team playing in qualifying round (Maap ye, kite salip di tikungan 😬😝)


Watching the glorious final
United trophies collection


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