European Taste at Farmhouse Lembang

The milk cup that goes along with entrance fee
You just have to admire the brilliant business mind of those who own Farmhouse in Lembang. Following their successful ‘Rumah Sosis, the same owner opened this new attraction in Lembang, around 1.5 years ago.
And it is an instant success. Drawing more than 10,000 visitors on every weekend, the place become one of the most popular destination in greater Bandung area. It is a “Little Europe” complex (or I should say “Little Dutch”) which houses family entertainment such as small zoo, photo spots and many food stalls and restaurants. 

In front of the ‘Feed the Sheep’ attraction
Should I say Little Europe or Little Dutch?

With an entrance fee of IDR20k, it’s not an expensive price tag, especially that fee includes free cup of milk beverage, which is nice. But inside, you’ll find various in-house food stalls (exclusively made, or at least sourced) and entertainment which lure you to spend more, as it is nicely packaged and quite unique. It is really brilliant business idea, and very well executed. 

Feed the sheep
Another in-house brand: Garret-esque pop corn
You may be forgiven to think it’s a stall in overseas
In-house milk chocolate. I can’t stop thinking how big the margin it commands 🙂
Buying in-house bread jam
The traffic leading to Farmhouse from Bandung
And the crowd-packed place
One of the most famous attraction here: renting the Dutch traditional costume and taking photos inside the complex


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