Eid Mubarak! When Families Gathered in Joy…

Big family of Bapak Solichin
Eid marks the day when all moslems around the world gather with their loved ones to celebrate our succesful journey of becoming better moslems during Ramadhan. Similarly, our family spend our Eid festive days in Elok’s parents house, taking pictures and tasting variety of food in this most special day of the year. Eid Mubarak! Here are our photos during the day:

My family picture
Solichin’s grandchildren with their Eid gifts
Bapak Solichin and Ibu Solichin, my in laws. Hope Allah always protect them and bless them with health
Hearing Bapak’s words of wisdom
Mas Ugik lead the ‘sungkem’ procession, when we all greet, forgive and give our prayers to all others
Aya greets her grandmother
Rafif receives his Eid gift
My turn to show my respect, forgiveness and gratitude to the parents
Eyang Solichin with his legacy: books, certificates and grandchildren
Bapak Solichin and his legacy
Showing Rafif his achievements in life. Hope you can follow in his footsteps and continue his legacy ya Raf
Dinner table is favorite place to visit, especially with Lebaran delicacies
Enjoy the feat with family
Rare photo: photographer couple with his wife 😄


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