First Stop: Kelor Island

Our first stop of the day is a small island called Kelor. It’s a beautiful island with tiny beach for snorkling. It also has a hill which you can climb to the top to observe breathtaking scenery from above. Unfortunately the steps are a bit steep for Aya and Elok’s liking so they decided to stay on the beach instead.

Me and Rafif from top of the hill

We stayed for few hours, flying Pelican our drone and snorkling with some feisty fishes (they bite!). 

Snorkling with the whole family, can’t be better!
Staying in this beautiful place with my family… well as David Lee Roth says, “This must be just like living in paradise…. and I don’t want to go home…”
View of Kelor Island from above
Another bird eye view from the drone
Taking my wife, who is a mall lady to enjoy vitamin sea by snorkling 😄
It’s us with on the deck of our boat
Laying on the beach doing nothing
Couple photo at Kelor Island
My three jewels
Rafif guided by our guide, Jandi, descending to the beach
By the beach, by her side. Life is good.

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