Komodo Watching and Savannah Trekking at Rinca Island

Our second stop of the day is at Pulau Rinca (Rinca Island), where we can find the giant lizard Komodo, one of the endangered animal on its habitat. 

It takes us about an hour boat ride from Kelor island to arrive at Loh Buaya pier, at Pulau Rinca. The ambience is so calm and serene, but make no mistake, this is the habitat of crocodile and Komodo, which are known as carnivor beast at times. 

Calm view of Loh Buaya
Aya is smiling at the deck while arriving at Rinca
Posing at Loh Buaya pier

After docked our ship at Loh Buaya, we were ushered to Komodo National Park, where we were assigned to a ranger who will guide us in finding the Komodo throughout the park.

Komodo National Park Heritage Site
On the National Park Gate

Our ranger then explain to us the trek which we will be taking, and advise us the characteristics of Komodo and how we should behave when it’s in our sight.

Hearing our ranger explanation before trekking

We’re immediately greeted by 15 years old Komodo who was lazily walking around the Rangers complex in National Park. It is not a too big Komodo, less than 2 meters long, but nevertheless it’s still remarkable experience to meet with it in such close quarters. 

Family photo with the Komodo
The lazy Komodo was being shot by a professional video team
Walking for only few meters and stop again 😄

We took family picture with the creature and then follow our ranger through the trek, hoping to meet another Komodos. Unfortunately it is a mating season, hence many Komodos are in hiding.  But anyway the trek seems to promise a nice scenery, so we shouldn’t be too disappointed. 

Family pose at beautiful Savannah
Trekking to the top of island
Trekking through forest and Komodos habitat
The trekking scenery was indeed beautiful. The ranger took us through green savannah and show us Komodos nesting place inside the forest. Of course we took pictures along the way. But the best is yet to come….

… which was we met with another Komodo in the forest! This time, it’s a 30 years old Komodo, and 2.5 meters long. It’s big! We were so lucky to be able to find him in his natural habitat, unlike in Rangers complex as we often find in the photos. 

Our ranger and the giant Komodo
Elok and the 30 year old Komodo
Observing Komodo nesting place

So after that surprisingly pleasant encounter, we continue to walk along the trek to the top of Rinca hill. From the top, view of Loh Buaya is so beautiful, a spot you shouldn’t miss for mandatory picture taking!

Rafif observe the beauty of Loh Buaya from afar
My favorite photo model
Mandatory photo on the top of Rinca
So after we had enough of photo taking, we returned to the National Park base camp. The trek downhill was a bit tricky, as it has a lot of rolling stones, so we had to be careful. Just follow the ranger/guide instruction, and you’ll be fine.

The savannah looks like in Africa, Rafif said
Trekking down back to the camp

Arriving at the camp, we took a bit of rest and refreshment, before returning to or boat. We’re so grateful for Indonesian government to start looking at this natural conservation park seriously. And we’re even grateful to meet such dedicated rangers who passionately guide us and preserve this endangered animals habitat. There’s even an old ranger who have served 34 years here! Thank you very much pak! I can only write this post to let the world know that Indonesia is doing great cause here. 

Meet the ranger who have served for 34 years! Terima kasih pak!
Take picture with our ranger before leaving the park


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