Life of a Komodo

Read the story below to get full context of this picture
Such a life of poor young Komodo. Had been ushered by Ranger to come out from their hiding place, she found herself become an object of paparazzi tourists who came within minutes. LOL. Full story below…

So this is actually our second encounter with the endangered animal here. After hopping in Padar, our guide took us to Komodo Island, which is supposedly the origin habitat of all Komodos. But had managed to see the giant Komodo back in Rinca, we didn’t go to Komodo Island in full anticipation.

Rafif and Elok sitting at the Komodo camp. The story of mythical Komodo princess who gave birth to a human and Komodo is quite interesting. Tell the story why human and Komodos live side by side in this island.

However, Mr. Tajudin, our Ranger was so eager to show us the Komodos, which he said was very rare to find in the island in this mating season. He was so excited to tell us that his fellow ranger just saw a Komodo in Fregata Hills, around 300m uphill from the camp.

My family with Mr. Tajudin, our ranger
So he hurried  us to Fregata and showed us the Komodo. Alas, it was far smaller Komodo than what we saw in Rinca. It was only 1 meter long and she hid in the deep bushes, so it was difficult for us to spot and take pictures of her. Besides, with our previous find in Rinca, we were not too eager to take picture with her. So we left her there.

But then, when we were busy observing sceneries of Komodo Island pier from Fregata,  suddenly I saw a young and active Komodo running in the bushes near me. I never saw a Komodo that active before, so it was actually quite an attraction. She was alone and alert. But then she realized that we spotted her, so she stopped. Which gave me time to grab my camera and took pictures of her. It was only us and her… for few minutes, And then, the story at the beginning of this post, LOL.

Somehow, we were quite fortunate for our encounter with Komodo. Alhamdulillah.

So after took pictures in Komodo Island, were returned to our boat and continue our journey in Flores.

Our family in Komodo Island
With the Komodo Island backdrop
Elok in the old wooden Komodo Island pier

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