Stunningly Beautiful Padar


Picture by Pelican at the top of the hill
Yes, you may have seen the pictures from your friends’ posts or in magazine. But let me tell you this: Padar Island’s view is not overrated. It is stunningly beautiful, especially if you managed to climb to the top of the hill.

The first steps to Padar Island hill. After this steps, it’s all rocky trail up there

Or at least if you can reach the big tree stop (your guide will show you where), the lowest point where you can see the two adjacent gulfs that set Padar Island’s trademark view.

Family picture at the big tree stop

The walk up to the hill offers you magnificent view. You can’t resist not to take pictures. But the real deal is on the top of the hill. Wait until you get there.

Only Rafif followed me to the top of the hill

For those who want to climb the Padar Island’s hill, it is highly recommended to wear trekking shoes. Ditch your sneakers, especially the flat sole ones, as the trek is slippery as it has many rolling stones. The walk uphill is a bit challenging for those who are not sporty types (e.g. my wife), but wait until you have to come down, as it is even more difficult! But worry not, all of your hard work will be paid off when you take those magnificent selfies on Padar Island!

The famous selfie place

One thing which I also need to mention here is how clean and natural Padar Island is. Littering is almost non existent. The guides we met here are mostly nature lovers, who understand how important to keep the place clean and natural as much as possible. I hope local and central government would do their best to keep Padar Island from over commercialism. Please don’t allow people to open tents for selling food or merchandises here, as it will botch the environment in no time. Just look at Dreamland Bali, for example.
Visitors read and follow this instruction fro not littering. So far, at least

So I would recommend anyone to visit Padar Island (or Flores/Labuan Baho for that matter) in heartbeat. This is the best nature landscape you can get, if beach, mountain and ocean are your thing. 

Yeay! We flew Pelican here!
With my two teens on the way down
Going down baby?
The downhill path
The unmissable couple photo at Padar
Padar’s gulf from the above


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