Annual Visit to GIAS 2017

AMG GT R – A beauty
Yes, it’s an annual visit that I won’t like to miss. The time to look at beautiful motors displayed at large convention centre, when many Jakartans succumb to their desire in getting their new vehicles, albeit knowing that it will only contribute to the traffic they themselves loathe. 

And here we go again…

Jagonya Ayam – F3 Racing Car

Similar to last year, the exhibition takes place in the giant ICE exhibition center at BSD. It’s more convenient to me to visit this year, as my house at Regentown, which is located just across the exhibition center, has just been completely built. So parking wise, which sometimes can be big problem in large exhibition like this, is no issue for me. I have my own parking place, although from my house to ICE needs 10 minutes of walk — which is fine! It’s like 3 holes walk in golf course anyway 🙂

It’s 10 minutes walk to the convention centre

The exhibition place and exhibitors are good, but nothing really special. I just bought a new car couple of months ago, so I go without any expectations nor objectives. There are some special cars displayed, for example the Mercedes AMG GT R, or the Honda Civic Type R. Beautiful cars, albeit just for lust. 

Civic Type R – one of the sexiest car around
The star of the show is Mitsubishi Xpander. Sold for the low MPV segment (up to IDR 250 million), the new car from Mitsubishi gather most attention, as its attractive design is met with big accomodation and good price. No wonder people line up to try entering the cabin. I won’t be surprised if this car will become one of the best seller of the exhibition this year.

Mitsubishi – Xpander, star of the show

So after 2 hours of walking around, and 1 purchase of custom carpet (hey, at least I have to buy something!), I left ICE with happy heart. Not only because I satisfy my curiosity and desire to pay annual visit, but also because it just need short walk for me to be home 🙂

What do you think? Fit for me?
Ducati Scrambler – if I have to buy vehicle at the show, this is it

Epilogue: short drone shot I took showing my house’s complex and ICE (above)


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