Visit to St. Peter’s Basilica

When you’re in Rome, one of the most visited landmark is St. Peter’s Basilica, located at Vatican City. It’s actually an Italian Renaissance church built in 16th century. 

As one of main tourist’s destination, which also serves as religious place, to get inside the church you have to queue for long security inspection. We spent more than an hour on this. Thankfully the weather was not too humid, as it’s already an autumn.

Long queue for security check. Seen from one of the security check post
When we’re still early in the queue

But once we get inside, all of those time for waiting was forgotten. Inside of this biggest catholic church in the world, you’ll find one of the most breath taking renaissance architecture and arts ever displayed. Statues, paintings and mosaics were carved throughout its walls and ceilings. You would be forgiven to think it was a museum, rather than a holy church.

The magnificent ceiling
A chappel for Pope Johannes Paulus II
Look at those mosaics and statues
One of the Swiss Guard whose duty is to protecting the Pope
Elok inside the Basilica
Selfie on the beautiful church

St Peter’s Basilica from the spot we queue
There are 128 status like this surrounding St Peter


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  1. gilian says:

    Beautiful photos. 🙂

    1. ibenimages says:

      Hi thanks for the compliments 🙂

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