Innsbruck, Small Beautiful Town below the Alps

By popular votes, instead of going to Milan, we made detour to visit Innsbruck, small town in bordering country Austria. It is a beautiful place, located right below the Alpen Mountains. The old town buildings on the foreground blend nicely with the snowy Alps at the background.

One of the intersection of Innsbruck, with Alps on the background
The shopping alley at Innsbruck

We spent couple of hours in the town, strolling through its interesting shopping alley. And we also spent time to have nice coffee from a small cafe there. Good time spent.

The backdrop of the Alps set beautiful backdrop of the town
Elok and her Mom at the shopping alley street
Elok in front of the hotel
You can find many restaurant, cafe along the shopping alley
A tourist strolling around the town
Picture three of us in Innsbruck
The nice coffee shop we went to
The barista
Enjoy the coffee in the outside chairs of the cafe. Nice ambience
One of restaurants in Innsbruck
A unique shopping alley
The Inn River splits the beautiful town


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