Kim Soo: More than Just Instagrammable Spot

How do you make your hang out place famous? In this social media era, the answer is to create nicely decorated place which offer unique spot for taking selfies!

And that seems to be the secret recipe of Kim Soo, a recently popular place for tourists around Seminyak. The place is actually decorated as store where they sell fashion and home accessories under Kim Soo brand name. But apparently it caught attention of Instagram celebrities in this country, who posted selfies after selfies, helped this place to get famous.

Well, okay we also contributed:

But as cafe, Kim Soo actually offers more than just pretty spot. The cakes and coffees we ordered are pretty good! I tried the cheese and chocolate cake, coupled with a cup of cappuccino.

The sweetness of the cake meets the bitter and dark coffee of this Melbourne-based brewer. It’s a fine blend. Our relative who referenced this place also suggested their pancake and french toast, which are also very good. Unfortunately we’re quite full hence didn’t try.

So it’s a satisfying visit to another nice place to chill around Seminyak. Recommended for you, cakes and coffe lovers, and of course Instagram celebrities!


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