Flying Drone in Cemagi

Cemagi Beach and the Drone pilot

Thanks to our driver Dodik who showed us this free, not (yet) popular beach of Cemagi. As you’d normally found in Bali, it has Balinese temple (Pura) sitting on the tip of the beach.

The beach is still free for drone photography, unlike the other popular tourist spots, which charge you quite hefty fee. You would be required to pay IDR500k for flying your drone in Tanah Lot, for example (good thing, I did ask first!)

So while the weather and lighting were not so great this afternoon, at least I was able to capture some nice footage of the raging sea shore in Cemagi. While waiting for the video, here are some of the pictures taken from Pelican:

Our family on the beach rock

Rafif was busy doing his toys photography
Another view of Cemagi beach

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