HR Focus 2018 – Think. Act. Collaborate

It’s been quite some time I haven’t facilitated full corporate workshop. To think about it, it was my bread and butter during my consulting career. The last time I did was in my previous employer, which was probably 10 years ago. So it’s quite refreshing (yet tiring) for me to prepare and facilitate the workshop for our department today.

Labelled as HR Focus 2018 workshop, the meeting was held in Satoo Garden, Shangrila Hotel. It is an annual meeting for discussing and agreeing on our year’s objectives.. which is plenty this year.

But today, the session was held in high spirit, and plenty of good discussions happened. Hope this lift the spirit of the participants, as it lifts mine as facilitator. Apparently, I still enjoy doing this. Haha

Some pictures from the event today:

And group photo with fellow HRGs:


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