Cikal Visual Art Class Exhibition

As part of his Visual Art class study, Rafif with his Cikal Amri class mates participate in the art exhibition at Hadiprana Gallery, Kemang. Although the main exhibitors are students from Y12, but as Visual Art students in Y11, each students is required to display their work of arts as well.

Carrying theme of “Humane” this year, the work of art from Y12 students really impressed me. Not only they arrange their exhibition display beautifully, but the concepts behind the arts are deep and meaningful. They are also clearly adept in using various art media, whether it is 2D/3D and digital or analog. Awesome.

Rafif himself displays two paintings. One of them, shown below, titled as “Burnout“, which I find it very interesting. It shows a guy (presumably himself) being burnout in creative dilemma.

Had discussed with Rafif few times on his creative struggles, self-doubt and search for perfection, the painting does exactly show that. Asked him on the creative process on this painting at the exhibition, he said, “it is an accident. It came out from frustration”

Well son, sometimes that’s when art really has value. Don’t be afraid to express your emotion and expression!

I personally looking forward for you to become one of main exhibitor in Y12 next year!


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