Wherever You Go, SIF Family Would Be There For You

Well, that’s kinda true if you’re traveling within South East Asia region. As Singapore International Foundation (SIF) Alumni, you’re almost sure that your SIF fellows would welcome and meet you for passionate catch up at their hometown.

Soong, our fellow from Thailand sent us a last minute message yesterday, asking if we could join him for a drink, as he has short business trip to Jakarta.

Well, given the last minute request, most of us already had prior commitments. But of course, as a family would do, you make time.

So as soon as we finished our commitments, we rushed to Grand Indonesia meeting our friend, who I have not met for almost 20 years.

As usual, it was great catch up, as if there was no time lost between us. Thanks for coming to Jakarta, Soong. Next time bring your wife, and stay longer!


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