Superb Lunch at Birch St. Petersburg

Based on user’s rating found on Trip Advisor, our friend Andri suggested us to have lunch at Birch restaurant at St. Petersburg downtown. It’s one of the top rated restaurant, and frequently cited over the internet.

What I can say is, the hype is real. We had fantastic lunch experience. The dishes are exquisite. Let’s start from the appetizer.

This bread and butter are not like your usual ones. Came with beautiful serving, it is pre-sliced so you can pick the slice of you bread with your hand and put butter on top of it. It is very tasty and the bread top is crunchy. Definitely one of the best bread I’ve ever tasted.

There is also cheese cream inside the green bell paprika (pictured on the left).__ I’m never fond of this paprika thingy. But somehow the chef made it as unique and delicious appetizer.


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