Surprises on the Last Day at Hexagon

My office corner looks a bit more sparkling than usual ☺️

Finally, after week-long celebrations, the time has come for me to bow out from Hexagon. It’s a mixed emotions. Leaving so many familiar faces and comfortable spaces to embark on new journey. I know it might not be as convenient, but a step in right direction, nonetheless.

The final day still had celebrations in store. This morning the team surprised me again by decorating the office. My corner looks a bit sparkling than usual ☺️

With Mbak Caecil and HRG girls

But I had a little surprise for them too. I gave away Flazz cards memento, which for the few lucky ones might get some small money inside to ride the MRT. The not so lucky ones got, sorry, zonk (well, at least you get the card 🤣)

The Flazz cards with the group pictures. All are taken by myself.

These last couple of days couldn’t be better. I hate to do a farewell, and the series of events were really a celebration of friendships. I hope I left a positive legacy in this place, just like this bank and its people have occupied a special place in my heart.

Thank you Hexagon. 43664**8 is signing off. See you around.

Pictures with nice people on last day
43664**8 signing off

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