Maybank 10K Couple Race

Couple Run in Maybank 10K

Today I and Elok participated for @maybankmarathon. As newbie runners, we took the shortest distance 10K and completed the run in GBK complex.

The Maybank 10K eBIB

I completed my run on the outer track of GBK complex, but Elok finished hers inside the track of majestic stadium (hence the beautiful pictures).

Despite the sore legs, she made it to the finish line. It’s her longest run ever!

Congrats my darling. You can do it! 🥇

Meanwhile for myself, actually I had an aspiration to break my Personal Best during this race. One that I actually broke two weeks ago. When for the first time I ran 10K in less than an hour.

Too bad. Apparently no exercise for a week took its toll. I wasn’t as fit and prepared. I got tired quite quickly. Hence I failed to break my PB, and had to stop few times to get water and catch my breath. Lesson learned.

My 10K run today


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