Boarding Aeroflot Sukhoi RRJ-95

I’m excited to finally on board Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet RRJ-95, from Kazan going to St. Petersburg, via Moscow SVO. The sharp nose immediately catch my attention. Yes it is a Sukhoi! Yeay! Inside the seat configuration 2-3 is unique, similar to Bombardier we flew to Paris in our West Europe family holiday. Bismillahi majreeha…

Kazan Kremlin Bike Ride

Near our hotel in Bauman Street, there ‘s a city bike station which can be rented. This morning, I and Rafif tried it and had a spin around Kazan Kremlin area. It took us a good half an hour to resolve the payment to use the bike. It only cost 30RUB (circa IDR75k) for a…

Walking Around Kazan Landmarks

Apparently Kazan is such a beautiful city. On the banks of Volga and Kazanka rivers, it offers picturesque landscape with its landmark buildings at the background.

Nice Lookout over Kazan Kremlin

Still exploring Kazan under guide of Ilham, we’re shown this nice lookout place inside the Kazan Kremlin. It is stunningly beautiful, and the long summer dusk bring a warm ambience to the view. We literally could sit down for hours over coffee and tea, speaking nonsense ending with laughter. Life is good over here.

Sitting Pretty in Kazan

To be honest, this is how our usual holiday looks like. Sitting pretty in Cafe K, on arcade street of Kazan. With high internet speed and cup of coffee, everybody is busy with their own smartphones. It’s ok, we had quite eventful and tiring activities for the past three days. So now let’s relax for…